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Home Theater

The magic of cinema is and has been an enduring art form for well over 100 yrs.  Countless lists, articles, reviews, etc. have covered this remarkable ascent with many proclaiming that cinema is  "The greatest entertainment art form of the 20th century.." with very little argument coming from virtually any direction.  

In short, we LOVE our movies!  Big budget blasts to intimate sketches of daily life all find their audience and their place in the ever growing library of film history.

Today, more than any other time I can remember, the ability to capture the magic that a true movie theater delivers is available to those that desire it.  Affordably!  Cost was the one thing that used to stop many in their tracks when inquiring about bringing the theater experience ino their homes.  With the evolution of screen materials, lamp projectors, high performance loudspeakers and electronics capable of high impact experience there is renewed hope of having that magic brought into ones home.  

We design and install systems and full theaters from small, intimate multi use rooms to large, incredibly immersive real theater experience,, dedicated rooms.  Let us work with you on bringing a true cinema quality experience to YOUR home!

A/V cabinetry to hide components.
Home entertainment room
Big screen theater room.
Sony 4K projector
Now featuring QSC theater speakers. REAL theater "Magic".  Look up at just about any theater today and you'll notice the QSC brand on the speakers.  Simply the most immersive sound in movie theaters today.