LUTRON Lighting Control

We install and program lighting controls from the company that actually invented the dimmer switch, LUTRON.  Their best selling system, called RadioRa2, is completely retrofitable, scalable, simple to use and rock solid in operation.  One touch can bring all the lights in a room on or you can dim them all at the touch of another button.  It includes automated shading solutions (that need NO wiring or special installation!) which can save energy, keep direct sun from damaging valuable fabrics and floors and provide privacy while letting light in.  In addition, the line includes heating and cooling control with the thermostat able to be in same wallplate as your keypad or dimmers.  It now also works with selected A/V controlers so that buttons on their keypads can turn on your favorite TV program, your favorite Pandora station, adjust volume, etc. all from a simple engraved keypad!

We invite you to call and have us demonstrate how lighting and shade control can help save energy costs and enhance your enjoyment of your home.

Lutron automatic Shades in Bathroom
Lutron keypad w/ Thermostat control in same wall plate!
Simple shade control.
Car visor control for garage door and any lighting path.
Lutron lighting control app on Apple Watch.

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