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In a very short time the name SONOS has become
synonomous with wireless music.  They have taken the world by storm with their rock solid mesh network wireless approach to music distributuion and streaming along with their world standard setting control apps for both the Android playform and the exploding iOS Apple platform.

Once someone is introduced to the sheer ease and
sheer BREADTH of what SONOS offers in music streaming they are immediately sold.  It's truly a revolution in music listening and a perfect introduction to 21st century digital music playback.

In rack installation of six new SONOS Amps for whole house music system.  Multiple zones of music into rooms with in ceiling and in wall speakers making for easy to use and flexible system.  Utilize new Sonance SONOS keypads for quick and simple control or control through Lutron RA2 keypads to combine control of lighting and music into one simple interface.